Metal Clay Artist Magazine - Volume 1, Issue 2


Metal Clay Artist Magazine V1 I2 was published in the Summer of 2010.

Metal Clay Artist Magazine was the only print publication in the world devoted entirely to metal clay. Packed full of the latest news, innovations and developments in the world of metal clay, it inspired, informed and entertained readers. It featured top quality articles and tutorials from the leading artists and teachers working in metal clay around the world. 

It ceased publication at the end of 2014 following publication of the five year anniversary issue (Volume 5 Issue 4).

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What’s in this Issue?

The contents of Metal Clay Artist Magazine V1 I2:-

  • Ask Dr Metal Clay by Judi Weers
  • Readers Notes and Good News
  • Book Reviews by Pat Evans-
    • Mixed Metal Jewelry from Metal Clay by Hadar Jacobson
  • What’s Your Classroom’s Climate? by Jeannette LeBlanc
  • Artist Profile, Linda Kaye-Moses by Julia Rai
  • Business 101: First Steps to Building Brand Recognition by Angie Beauchamp
  • From the Workbench: Miscellaneous Ramblings from a Supposed Artist by Gordon Uyehara
  • Eclectic Elements by Linda Stiles Smith
  • Mixed Media: Clay Convergence by Lisa Pavelka
  • Studio Tricks: Showing up and PLaying by Christine Davies Paetz
  • Tool Diva Tool Reviews by Pat Evans –
    • Studio by Sculpey 5-in-1 Clay Tool
    • Project Trays
    • Linda’s Lid
  • Gallery of Work
  • How To Projects:-
    • Swoop Ring by Hattie Sanderson
    • Miniature Jugs in Silver Metal Clay by Sue Heaser
    • Etiquettes de Signature Faites Maison pour une Impression Durable / Low Tech Homemade Signature Tags for a Lasting Impression by Angela B Crispin in French and English
    • Silver Clay and Brass Mesh Pendant by Alexandra Daini
    • Hot, Hot, Hot: Lava, Hematite and Silver Clay Beads by Pam East and Jane Levy
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