Metal Clay Academy Training Standards and Resources

These resources are for anyone considering teaching metal clay. Also check out our business resources section for other useful information for metal clay teachers.

Standards of Practice for Metal Clay Teachers

This document aims to lay out some fundamental aspects of running a good class. It is designed to help metal clay teachers improve the standards of their teaching.

Metal Clay Beginners Training Suggestions

This short article suggests topics and activities that you might cover in metal clay beginners training.

How to Build Confidence in your Teaching Skill – a Guide for New Teachers

This short article will give new teachers some pointers on how to build their confidence when first starting out teaching metal clay.

Dealing with Difficult Students and Situations

There are a number of things that cause teachers angst in the classroom and this article suggests some ways of dealing with these commonly reported problems.

Learning Styles

This article outlines some basic learning styles and is an introduction to the subject of learning theory.

Lesson Planning

This article goes into the basics of lesson planning. It provides a checklist for you to follow when you begin to plan your lessons.

Cancellation Policy

Here is a draft cancellation policy for teachers to use. You can use this freely and modify it to meet your own needs.

Student Feedback Form

We’ve put together a simple feedback form that includes information most teachers would find useful. You can use this form freely and modify it for your own needs.

From the Jewelry Artist newsletter…….

Good teachers freely give everything they have 
Good teachers guide their students to the next “place of wonder” 
Good teachers show, tell, and inspire 
Good teachers critique to build up, not to tear down 
Good teachers feel pride when students grow beyond their teachings 
Good teachers are secure in their roles and keep their egos in check 
Good teachers learn from their students 
Good teachers create a “safe place” for creativity to flourish