Steel Clay Suppliers

Hadar Jacobson has developed Steel Clay. The image on the left is one of Hadar’s pieces using steel clay, copper clay, bronze clay, and white bronze clay. Pearl Gray Steel clay is now available from Hadar’s shop. Pearl Grey XT is the new generation of Pearl Grey Steel. It can be use in the same way as the previous generation (in combination with other metals), but when used on its own it is stronger and more resistant than the previous generation, and the surface is smoother and easier to sand.

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Art Clay World – US

This site has lots of information as well as selling Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, Goldie Bronze and Copper, Prometheus Bronze and Copper, Hadar’s Clay, Art Clay and various tools and accessories.

Hadar Jacobson – US

Buy Steel clay powder and Pearl Grey Steel clay powder from Hadar’s online shop. You can also download information about how to use this powder, firing instructions etc from this site.

Metal Clay Studios – Germany and Europe

Metal Clay Artist Ingrid Wild – Supplier of PMC, BRONZclay, COPPRclay, Hadar’s Clay, metal clay related tools and supplies, specialist in textures, kiln firing service for all clays, monthly studio sessions  – located in Munich, Germany, shipping to everywhere in Europe. German language site which can also be viewed in English.

PMC Connection – US

The above link is for general retail sales. This site has PMC including the new PMC Sterling, Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, Hadars clay, tools, glass, textures, gems and findings.

PMC i Sverige – Scandinavia

Official PMC distributor for for Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Also supplies Hadars clay, Bronzclay™ and Copprclay™.

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