Sterling Metal Clay Tutorials

PMC Sterling Clay was launched in 2011. It requires firing buried in carbon like the base metal clays. This page focuses on Sterling clay information and tutorials.

Many people are using the so-called 960 blend of half PMC Sterling, half fine silver metal clay (PMC3 or Art Clay Silver) to make a strong clay that can be fired on an open shelf in the kiln. In June 2016, Bill Struve introduced his own blend of clay called EZ960 through Cool Tools. Art Clay Silver 950 clay was launched in September 2016. PMC One Fire Sterling was also launched in September 2016. These blended clays do not require carbon to fire. Visit our 950/960 page for more information on working with these clays.

Content checked June 2018.

Celie Fago – Designing for PMC Sterling

Blog entry covering lots of design tips, shrinkage factors and firing tips.

Celie Fago – PMC Sterling, Keum Boo and Soldering

Another blog entry from Celie talking specifically about Keum Boo and soldering onto PMC Sterling.

Celie Fago – Testing PMC Sterling Clay

Blog entry from Celie Fago about the new PMC Sterling clay.

Cool Tools – Firing Sterling Metal Clay

This blog entry is worth reading to pick up some tips about working with the new PMC Sterling.

Hadar Jacobson – Combining PMC Sterling with Copper Clay

Hadar has done some experiments in combining PMC Sterling with her own copper clays to see what happens. This is a detailed report with firing schedules, tips and hints.

Janet Alexander – PMC Sterling Slip and Syringe Clay

Useful blog posting about making slip and syringe style clay with PMC Sterling.

Janet Alexander – PMC Sterling Tests

Blog posting with useful information about PMC Sterling.

Janet Alexander – Shrinkage of PMC Sterling Tests

Interesting experiments by Janet around the shrinkage factors with PMC Sterling.

Lorena Angulo – Working with PMC Sterling

Lorena shows things she’s made including carved and hand sculpted things, using PMC Sterling.

One Fire PMC Sterling Information

PMC OneFire Sterling is a complimentary product to PMC Flex created using the same unique binder which allows a much longer working time compared to any other type of metal clay. Once fired in a kiln, the silver feels very much like traditional wrought or cast sterling silver. It consists of pure silver, binder, water and 4% copper. This means it easily meets minimum UK hallmarking standards for sterling silver (.925) once fired.

One Fire Sterling PMC Review

Interesting article from Creative Fire.

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