US Suppliers of Stones, Cabochons and Gems

On this page you can find US stone and gem suppliers. UK and international suppliers are listed separately, making it easier for you to find what you need. Check with the supplier if stones you buy can be used in place with metal clay – will they withstand firing temperatures. If not, you can bezel set them. All suppliers will ship internationally unless otherwise stated. All links open in a new window. Content checked October 2022.

Africa Gems

US supplier of diamonds and gemstones including matched pairs.

Art Clay World

This site has lots of information as well as selling Art Clay and various tools and accessories. It has detailed Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all the products it sells.

AZ Blue Rockers

Wilson Rock and Silver Works is a US based family business that has been established over the years of rock hunting and the collection of natural stones. They have a large selection of beautiful hand cut cabochons, petrified wood and rough rocks and stones. 


US stone and gem suppliers including diamonds, semi precious stones, cabochons and cut stones.

Bonita Creations

US stone and gem suppliers of unusual stones and unique cuts. Faceted gemstones and cabochons.

Cool Tools

US supplier of everything you need to work with metal clay including stones and gems.


US stone and gem suppliers with natural crystals, gemstones and minerals.

Dikra Gems

US supplier of semi precious cabochons and faceted stones.

Fine Designer Cabochons

At this US site you will see a wide variety of fine designer cabochons, cut for jewelers, designers and collectors. 

Fire Mountain Gems

US supplier. This is an extremely comprehensive site selling Art Clay, tools, chain, beads and many other items of use to jewellery makers.

Gem Resources

US stone and gem suppliers. This company also sell CZ cabochons for firing in place in metal clay.

Gem Select

US supplier of a wide range of precious and semi precious stones.

Healing Phoenix Lapidary

US supplier of New Heat-Resistant Opals which can be fired in place. Full details of facts that explain the difference between Natural, Fake, and Synthetic Opals, how to fire them, and how to work with them all around are on this website.

Heart of Stone Studio

US supplier with a huge selection of stones. All the normal stones plus fossils, unusual cuts and pearls. Well organised and easy to buy.

Jacoby Gems

Jacoby Enterprises is a direct importer and manufacturer of genuine semi-precious and synthetic gemstones. They have been supplying dealers and jewelry manufacturers for over  25 years. Their international sources and extremely cost-effective buying power have earned them a reputation for competitive pricing on a broad spectrum of stones, colors, sizes and shapes.

Jewelry Impressions

US supplier of Chatham loose emeralds, aquamarine simulants, alexandrites, blue sapphires, rubies, padparadschas, yellow sapphires and loose pink sapphires. Their Chatham created lab-grown gemstones are grown using the flux method, which better replicates the growing process of natural gemstones. Chatham simply creates the environment in which the gems can grow, and nature takes over. Chatham is proud to announce the introduction of its new line of beautiful created diamonds, including pink diamonds, blue diamonds and yellow diamonds.

Joseph P Stachura

Wholesale US stone and gem suppliers. Buy online or at their showrooms at Blackstone River Valley between Worcester, MA and Providence, RI

Metal Clay Alchemist

Canadian suppliers of Art Clay, tools, findings, gems, glass, books etc. They also offer classes.

Miners Gems and Minerals – San Diego

Retail store selling gemstone beads, faceted lab grown stones, fossils and jewelry.

Mystic Merchant

US stone and gem suppliers. Huge selection in all sizes and shapes. This site can really be addictive! There’s so much choice.

NM Stone Supply

NM Stone Supply located in Belen, New Mexico, sell on Facebook. They sell stone for lapidary, carving and mineral displays. They also sell custom cut cabochons from all types of stones. 

Optima Gem

US based site with a wide selection of gemstones to buy direct from the website. Register to buy from the wholesale site or browse the retail site.

Oriental Pearls

US supplier of fresh water pearls. Large selection to buy direct from the website.

Out of our Mines

US supplier of rare and unusual colored gemstones and beads. Beautiful selection of beads and matching pairs. Fabulous carved gemstones. If you’re looking for something special, it’s probably here.

Rio Grande

US suppliers of stones and gems as well as PMC, tools and supplies.

Silver Supplies

US supplier of sheet metal and wire including gold, fine silver, copper, nickel, brass and sterling silver. Also supply stones and gems, tools and equipment.


US supplier of tools, stones, findings, metals and packaging. Stuller only sells to qualified members of the jewelry trade. You must qualify for an account before you can place an order.

Sustainable Stones

Mankind’s never ending search for exotic material has often lead to irreversible damage to the planet. Mountains are being striped mined for veins suitable for slabs and raw materials are being shipped around the world wherever cheap labor can be found for template production. To offer an alternative, all the stones at Sustainable Stones are individually collected from glacial till deposits in West Central Illinois with extreme sensitivity toward the eco-system. Each stone is hand-cut and polished by artists Steve Tieken and Wanaree Tanner. 

Thunderbird Supply Company

US based supplier of metal including sterling silver sheet and wire, copper sheet and wire, gold filled sheet and wire, fine silver, nickel silver and red brass. Also supply chain, findings, stones and beads, beading supplies and tools, metal working tools, display and packaging items.


US Supplier of findings, easy mount settings, chain and gem stones.

Unconventional Lapidarist

US based supplier. Great site for unusual and designer cabochons featuring fossils and stones. Large selection of shapes and sizes with unusual cuts. Well worth a look if you want to find something unique.

Wire Jewelry

US supplier of jewelry making tools, beads, cabochons, cameo’s, boxes and packaging, chains, findings, gemstones, display items, Swarovski crystal beads and wire.

World of Rocks – Ypsilanti,  MI

Retail supplier of rocks, crystals, minerals, fossils and beads. No online sales. Beginning classes are offered in bead weaving stitches, basic assembly, wire wrapping, and special jewelry classes.

Zarlene Imports

Wholesale US supplier of beads, stones, chain and findings. Minimum order is $100 for domestic and $500 for export. Order a catalog online.