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This page outlines the different Art Clay certifications. All external links on this page open in a new window. Tutors and schools offering the Certification are listed in the Silver Metal Clay Classes section under the country they operate in.

Art Clay Certification

Art Clay Certification is slightly different in each country and the qualification is no longer internationally recognised. This means that if you qualify in the USA, you will not be authorised to teach in the UK/EU and vice versa. Qualifications across the EU will be recognised though.

In order to become a certified instructor, you must successfully complete the courses as laid out in your own country. This course is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of Art Clay.

At Level One in the UK, the curriculum changed on 1st November 2012 to bring it in line with the European curriculum. The Level One course is called the Level 1 Diploma. It is 2-3 days and has six projects. The focus is on technique, precision and finishing pieces to a consistently high standard. There is some design freedom in the projects. Once the Level 1 Diploma is passed, holders can teach introductory/ beginners Art Clay classes and project based classes. They will get a 15% discount on buying Art Clay from the official distributors.

In the USA, the curriculum consists of nine different projects taught over 24 hours of instruction (typically three eight hour days), and covers a variety of techniques. Some of the techniques include use of organic forms, creating flat and round-shank rings, addition and firing of gemstones and glass, creating a mirror finish, and much more. This course provides general and technical information, as well as some helpful teaching guidelines.

The Senior Certification course is designed to provide advanced techniques as well as a creative challenge for the individuals who have completed Level One Certification. In the US, there are a total of seven projects taught over 32 hours (typically four eight hour days). This course teaches students to incorporate gold foil, brass, and fine silver bezel wire. It also introduces the use of three-dimensional design, with emphasis on detail and fine finishing. Successful completion of this course entitles you to apply for Senior Instructor Status in the USA.

Art Clay World, USA, approves and certifies instructors into the Senior Instructor community by reviewing an application and examining a selection of three pieces of original work. The pieces submitted must reflect the techniques and skills the individual learned during their Art Clay education, as well as the ability to creatively design original pieces while following guidelines. A non-refundable $200 application fee is also required from anyone submitting for Senior Instructor status.

In the UK, the Level Two Senior Certification course curriculum also changed in November 2012.

In the UK and EU, Level Two Certification is called the Level 2 Diploma. It covers more advanced techniques and runs over 2.5 – 4 days. Four pieces have to be completed during the course. There is some design freedom on the pieces. There is a criteria list of all the skills and competencies the instructor is looking for and this has to be completed successfully for the diploma to be awarded. The curriculum states that Level One and Level Two can now be done back to back or with a break, this is up to the tutor.

Once the Level 2 Diploma is passed, holders can teach introductory/beginners Art Clay classes and project based classes. They will get a 20% discount on buying Art Clay from the official distributors.

The new EU curriculum has a concept called the Higher Diploma. This requires those who have passed the Level 2 class projects to submit three pieces for evaluation. This step requires that six months have elapsed between taking the Level 1 course. Three pieces must be independently designed by the student to specific criteria. They are submitted to a local distributor and evaluated by a panel.

A discount of 30% on buying Art Clay from the official distributors of Art Clay is an advantage of the Higher Diploma.

Crossover Certification

In the USA, a Crossover Certification is available. The Crossover Certification course is a three-project class that covers some of the specialty Art Clay products. This class is available to certified PMC Instructors. In order to qualify, an individual must have become Level One PMC certified before December 1, 2007 or Level Two PMC certified any time thereafter. All students that take a Crossover Certification will be required to submit a copy of their PMC certificates.