PMC Certification

This page outlines the different PMC certifications. All external links on this page open in a new window. Tutors and schools offering the Certification are listed in the Silver Metal Clay Classes section under the country they operate in.

PMC Certification classes are defined by the PMC Guild as ‘a special kind of class that is based on projects made to conform to a specific and universal standard. The rigorous class covers a wide range of techniques, and includes information on forming, firing, and finishing. Upon successful completion of the three-day class, certified artisans are entitled to certain discounts at the sponsoring company.’

There were two main companies offerering PMC Certification training in the US with a set syllabus; Rio Grande (which began running this certification in 1999) and PMC Connection. Rio Grande ceased offering their certification in 2014 and PMC Connection in 2018.

In the UK, there is a certification programme run by The PMC Studio in Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire. It is structured in three modules that can be taken in any order. It has a flexible format which allows students to choose the Module they want to do during any Certification session. Suitable for those who have completed the Introduction to PMC or Creative Copper Clay, each module takes three days to complete and is taught in small groups. Teachers are being authorised by the PMC Studio to train certification classes in other venues around the UK.

In FrancePMC Studio France is the only training centre running full certification classes in France and Continental Europe. This certification is totally independent of any other programme. Their certification courses are modular (three in total), three days long. Some of their students complete the full course over nine days, some spread them out over several months, others complete them as part of a learning holiday.

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