Tutorials for Firing Metal Clay

On this page you’ll find resources for firing metal clay. External links open in a new window. All PDF’s require Adobe reader. External sites open in a new window. Content checked October 2022.

Best Ceramic Kilns for Home Use

If you’re interested in starting a home studio, deciding on which kiln to invest in is likely a top priority. There are many aspects to consider as you begin your search for the best ceramic kiln, so to make the process less overwhelming this guide addresses the most important things you’ll want to take into account.

Big Ceramic Company – Buying a Kiln Tutorial

This website has a great page to help you select and buy a kiln. Here you’ll find all the permutations, and sound advice on what you might need.

Compendium of Metal Clay Firing Schedules

Really useful Excel workbook with all the brands of metal clay and their firing schedules.

Cool Tools – Choosing the right kiln

Comprehensive information to help you buy the right kiln. Lots of tips and a maintenance guide.

Drying and firing guide for Art Clay

Useful guide from Art Clay World

Fire Mountain Gems – firing using a gas stove

Tutorial about how to fire metal clay using the gas stove top or hob. This is a useful little tutorial for anyone who’s just starting with metal clay and doesn’t want to buy a butane torch or kiln.

Firing Art Clay on a stove top

Instruction sheet from Art Clay World

Firing Art Clay using a gas (butane) torch

Instruction sheet from Art Clay World

Firing Comparison

Comparison sheet showing the different firing requirements of the PMC product family. Provided by the PMC Guild.

Ganoksin, and Tim McCreight – General Kiln Questions

Useful Q&A about kilns.

Hadar Jacobson – How to fire base metals

Great explanation about how to fire base metals like bronze and copper clay.

How to calculate energy consumption

This is a general energy consumption site but it tells you how to calculate how much energy you are using. It’s great to see how much energy your kiln uses during firing. 

Metal Clay Firing Guide – Cool Tools

Comprehensive guide to firing metal clay.

Paragon SC2 and SC3 User Manual

User guide for the Paragon kilns commonly used for metal clay.

Paragon Kilns Instruction Manuals

This page has comprehensive downloadable manuals, firing schedules and tutorials for everything you need to know.

Paragon SC2 Simplified Programming Instructions

This useful resource from Pam East tells you how to programme your Paragon SC2 kiln.

Silver Metal Clay Firing Tips and Information – Cool Tools

Useful tips and hints about firing silver clay. It has a useful quick reference guide to firing a range of silver metal clay brands and types.

Torch Firing PMC

Guide by Tim McCreight

Ultra Lite Kiln – Cool Tools

This page has lots of information about this small starter kilns.

Ultra Lite Kiln – Product Review by Margaret Schindel

Unbiased review of the Ultralite Beehive Kiln. This small, inexpensive kiln not only fires metal clay but is also ideal for Keum Boo with the brass inserts invented by Celie Fago. This page has lots of useful reviews, not just for the Ultra Lite kiln.

Understanding Metal Clay – Hadar Jacobson

Very useful and informative article by Hadar. It explains the sintering process that all metal clays go through during firing. Hadar demystifies the alchemy of metal clay firing and talks about all types of metal clay.