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This page provides you with a quick idea of what’s new in metal clay and what’s been added in the past month. If you are a regular visitor, you can see what we’ve added since your last visit here.

Metal clay is a constantly evolving medium so keeping up with what’s new in metal clay is quite a task! If you know of something new or you are working on something that you’d like us to promote, contact us so we make sure our visitors are always aware of what’s new in metal clay.

December 2019

Camp PMC Certification

In 2019, Camp PMC Certification was established in the USASawtooth School for Visual Art in Winston-Salem, NC is the headquarters for the Camp PMC Certification Program. It is supported by Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corporation – the manufacturer of PMC, Sawtooth School for Visual Art, Clay Revolution and Rio Grande Jewelry Supply.

After completing the core class, Camp PMC Course 101, students can choose to advance their metal clay skills in artisan classes, become a PMC Instructor, or both! Students completing Camp PMC Course 101 will receive a 8% discount on PMC clays at Clay Revolution and Rio Grande Jewelry Supply.

Artisan classes include specialty techniques such as glass incorporation, enameling on metal clay, stone setting, and much more! Artisan courses are currently in development and will be announced soon.

Instructor classes include two levels, PMC Instructor and PMC Principal Instructor. PMC Instructors will be eligible to teach Camp PMC Course 101. PMC Principal Instructors will be eligible to teach PMC Instructor Course 201. Students completing PMC Instructor Course 201 will receive a 10% discount on PMC clays at Clay Revolution and Rio Grande Jewelry Supply.

Argentium Silver Clay Interview: Kim Booklass & Peter Johns

Aussie Metal Clay is proud to present the much anticipated interview with Master Silversmith Peter Johns, the inventor of Argentium Silver and Kim Booklass, Argentium Silver Clay Metal Clay Innovator.

Metal Clay Artists Symposium

What: Conference

Where: Sawtooth School for Visual Art, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

When: August 27-30 2020

Dates have been announced, no further information is currently available.

Argentium Silver Clay

Aussie Metal Clay launched Argentium Silver Clay in October 2019. This is a significant innovation in the metal clay world and gives us another wonderful clay to work with.

Aussie Metal Clay

Comes in fine silver and 960 silver varieties. There is also an Aussie Metal Clay Argentium Silver clay.

Aussie Metal Clay – Australia

Aussie Metal Clay – Cooltools, USA

Aussie Metal Clay – Metalclays, USA

Aussie Metal Clay – Aves Design, USA

Aussie Metal Clay – A Cat Jewellery, UK

Argentarium – Moscow, Russia

This training school has classes and courses teaching PMC brand clay and they cover multiple techniques. They also teach ceramics and mixed media techniques. Classes are conducted in Russian, English and Spanish.

Terry Kovalcik in the UK 2020

Little Ditty Pod with Terry Kovalcik

Little Ditty Pod by Terry KovalcikWhat: Advanced Metal Clay Master Class

Where: CSACJ, St Austell, Cornwall, UK

When: 26th-29th May 2020

This is a four day advanced level metal clay master class with American artist and teacher Terry Kovalcik. 50g of PMC Sterling Flex clay is included in the price. Pay a £100 non-refundable deposit and then pay by regular instalments to clear the balance by the end of March 2020.

PMC Insider

This website is dedicated to learning everything about PMC products—Precious Metal Clay®—with instruction on how to use them effectively.

Anna Mazon in the UK 2020

Fantasy Eye Pendant with Anna Mazon

Fantasy Eye Pendant Class with Anna MazonWhat: All Level Master Class

Where: CSACJ, St Austell, Cornwall, UK

When: 27th-29th August 2020

This is a three day metal clay workshop in which you will make a Fantasy Eye Pendant with Polish metal clay artist and tutor Anna Mazon. 30g Art Clay Silver is included in the price. You can save money by booking this class together with the Miniature Teddy Bear class with Anna which runs on Sunday 30th August 2020. Booking the bundle also allows you to secure your place with a £50 deposit and pay by instalments. Click here to book the Anna Mazon workshop bundle at a reduction of £51.

Miniature Teddy Bear with Anna Mazon

Metal Clay Miniature Teddy Bear Class with Anna MazonWhat: All Levels Master Class

Where: CSACJ, St Austell, Cornwall, UK

When: 30th August 2020

This is a one day metal clay workshop to make a miniature hollow teddy bear with Polish metal clay artist and tutor Anna Mazon. 10g fine silver metal clay is included in the price of this class. You can save money by booking this class together with the Fantasy Eye Pendant class with Anna which runs from Wednesday 27th August to Saturday 29th August 2020. Booking the bundle also allows you to secure your place with a £50 deposit and pay by instalments. Click here to book the Anna Mazon workshop bundle at a reduction of £51.

Liz Sabol in the UK 2020

Cold-enamel Champleve master class with Liz Sabol

Cold Enamel Champleve Master Class with Liz SabolWhat: Intermediate Metal Clay Master Class

Where: CSACJ, St Austell, Cornwall, UK

When: 19th – 23rd October 2020


When: 26th – 30th October 2020

We’re excited to have multi-award winning artist and jeweller Liz Sabol in the UK for the first time to teach a cold-enamel Champleve master class. In this class, Liz is going to share the secrets of designing, making, colouring and finishing cold-enamel champlevé jewellery with a lucky group of students. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn some fantastic techniques with a true master. Instalment payments are available for this class. Pay a £100 non-refundable deposit and then pay by regular instalments to clear the balance by the end of August 2020. This is a five day class. The price includes all materials, including 50g Art Clay 950. You may want to bring more metal clay as specified below in case you want to go big!

You Can Make It

What: Metal Clay Conference

Where: Springfield Country Club Hotel, Wareham, Dorset, UK

When: 12th – 15th March 2020

You can make it (or YCMI) is an affordable and welcoming 3-day all-inclusive jewellery making event, focused on metal clay, suitable for everyone, from total beginners to professionals.

Well-known metal clay artists and specialists in their field are holding day-long master classes and shorter hands-on classes, giving you a lot of hands-on making time. In fact, you get a total of two full days of hands-on making- the best way to learn new techniques. You also have a full stream of shorter demos and talks running alongside the classes, offering a lot of information you would normally never be able to access in one place.

The Makery – Bulverde, TX

The Makery’s beautiful, light-filled space houses the working studios of owner-artists Nick and Francesca Watson, and a welcoming teaching area for metalsmithing and  jewelry  workshops by Francesca and a select roster of guest instructors.

Tanzee Designs – Wotton under Edge,

Bead shop which also has jewellery making classes.

New Approach School for Jewelers – Arrington, Tennessee

The mission of the New Approach School for Jewelers is to offer both fresh and experienced bench jewelers visually intensive, hands-on jewelry design, fabrication, bench and repair skills and stone setting training to help them increase their productivity and profitability as professional jewelers.

Atalier Corsi & Corsi – Italy

Art Clay Diploma classes.

Paola Mattioli – Rome, Italy

Silver metal clay classes, Art Clay Diploma, polymer clay and other subjects taught. Paola also travels to teach. Official distributor of Art Clay for Spain and Italy.

Holly G Studios

Holly G Studios offers every would-be video star an all-access pass to learn how the pros create not just videos, but Business Cinema™. That’s video with a plan, a purpose, a system & a strategy. Not just creating video for the sake of creating video.

Kingham Jewellery School – Kingham, Oxfordshire

Wide range of silver work classes using traditional methods. They also teach beginners PMC classes.

Silver Jewellery Art – Exeter, Devon

Beginners silver clay classes.

LAO Jewellery School – Florence, Italy

Wide variety of jewellery making classes and courses including certificates and diplomas.

Metal Clay Studio – Moscow, Russia

Metal clay classes at all levels.

Get Stamped

Get Stamped make bespoke, custom made ink stamps. It’s a company started and run by two chaps in London, an illustrator with a knack for simple, eye-catching designs and a guy who knows a bit about woodwork. If you are after any kind of stamp not offered by the website or have any queries with regards to large orders or other special requests, email them and they will usually be able to help you out.

Hadar Jacobson – Compatibility of Hadar’s Metal Clays

Great overview of the firing schedules for mixed metal clays using Hadar’s range of bronze and copper clays.

Tessier Jewelry – Santa Rosa, CA

Classes cover all levels of metal clay, from beginner through senior instructor.

Peace, Love and Metals

What: Lone Star Jewelry Retreat

Where: Lone Star Court Hotel, Austin, TX, USA

When: May 15th-20th, 2019

Kick your boots off and immerse yourself in a blend of past and present as we travel to the Heart of Austin for a unique 4-day workshop experience. Hosted by your friends at Kiln Frog, you’ll spend 5 nights at the ultracool and retro-inspired, Lone Star Court Hotel, soaking up the hip Austin vibes of great music, great food, and modern luxury in Austin’s newest hipster paradise, The Domain! Featuring Texas Artists, Vickie Hallmark, and Gail Stouffer. Download a flyer with details here.

Creating Hook Clasps for a Custom Finish

You have spent the time making a unique item, why would you use a mass produced clasp or hook? Make your own and let people know you thought about the smallest details. In this video, the first of a series, learn how to create three different easy and beautiful hook clasps.

Keum-boo Gold on Silver Tutorial with Pam East

Art House – Highland Village, TX

Art House located in Highland Village, TX holds beginning and intermediate Metal Clay 1 day Workshops along with Metal Clay Project classes held each week.

Soldering a Bezel Cup to a Silver Ring and Setting a Cabochon Stone

In this video, Professor John Ahr of the Online Jewelry Academy demonstrates how to sweat solder a fine silver (.999) bezel cup to a ring. And, he finishes by setting the bezel with a 6mm round cabochon stone.

10 Tips for Mastering the Jeweler’s Saw

Among the most common metalsmithing tools is the jeweler’s saw. Even beginner metalworkers who don’t solder yet will likely use a jeweler’s saw at one point. Metal shears can do many jobs. A jeweler’s saw allows you to cut very intricate shapes, holes, or other shapes inside a piece of metal sheet. Before you start using a jeweler’s saw, it’s important to understand a few important things about this essential tool.

Making Fingerprint Jewellery – Sarah Parker Heermann

The real trick to making fingerprint jewelry in metal clay is getting a clean, detailed print impressed into the clay. In my experience, all metal clays types can take fingerprints beautifully. But there are a few different ways – both direct and indirect – to harvest the fingerprint and impress it into the clay, and each has advantages and drawbacks and produces a slightly different result.

Fingerprint Charms – Jeannette Froese LeBlanc

Quick and easy fingerprint charms tutorial for Creative Fire.

Fancy Bezels, Prongs and Bails: Advanced Metal Clay Course with Julia Rai (Trailer)

This trailer is for an advanced level course with Jewellers Academy. This course is not free but it is a comprehensive course for more advanced metal clay artists.

Nesting Rings by Tracey SpurginNesting Rings – Tracey Spurgin

Challenging project by Tracey Spurgin for Creative Fire.

EZ960® Easy Paper Punch Earrings by Cindy Pope

Artist, Instructor and Silhouette Curio expert, Cindy Pope started out with Precious Metal Clay Rio certification and metalsmithing classes and is one of Hadar Jacobson’s first Cadre of Base Metal Accredited teachers. In this video, Cindy switches gears from using the curio to creating fun, simple paper punch earrings using a thinly rolled sheet of EZ960 Sterling Silver Clay. She completes these layered flower earrings by adding a 4mm cubic zirconia which is sandwiched in place by 2 washer style pieces of greenware sheet. To minimize waste and create another version, Cindy uses a circle template to create the reverse look for a second pair.

How to calculate energy consumption

This is a general energy consumption site but it tells you how to calculate how much energy you are using. It’s great to see how much energy your kiln uses during firing.

Ultra Lite Kiln – Cool Tools

This page has lots of information about this small starter kilns.

Firing Metal Clay by Katherine Prejean

Interesting article about firing metal clay on the Creative Fire website.

Margaret Schindel on Felt Magnet

Margaret Schindel has a huge amount of great articles about working with metal clay on this Felt Magnet. The link above takes you to a search page which lists her articles.

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